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L.A.’s new heartbeat: The Graff Lab

L.A.’s new heartbeat: The Graff Lab

Often times people associate the artistic culture of Los Angeles with places like The Getty, Norton Simon, or L.A.C.M.A. however, in 2010, artistic expression has continued to expand beyond Museum doors and into the highly populated urban streets of L.A. While “tagging” is still prevalent within the city (on freeways, bus benches, office buildings, billboards, etc.), Graffiti murals seem to be emerging as “high-art” with contemporary issues surrounding politics, music, pop culture, and more.

Ricky Guerrero recognized this artistic revolution by opening the doors of the Graff Lab three years ago in 2006-07. The new Graffiti “Museum” showcases the talent of Graffiti Artists from around the world; their skills shown on all types of surfaces from the walkways and step landings, to the walls and even the Porto-potties seem to merge seamlessly within the spray-painted landscape!

On Saturday, March 20, 2010, Jerk music group the Breakfast Club shot their debut video for their single “Bite Me.” The groups energetic and “swagger-filled” lyrics combined with the “Lab’s” edgy yet colorful scenery made for the perfect video shoot. Hundreds of fashion forward youngsters showed in support of the artistic union. Hollywood location scouts also recognize the “Lab” as a prime property for shooting television and film segments. The Graffiti Lab is the new heart beat of L.A.  GO experience it for yourself!

By: Maya Lott-Harris


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