The Graff Lab will reopen Saturday Jan 17th 10am to 5pm


The Graff Lab will reopen Saturday Jan 17th 10am to 5pm

All people who wish to paint at The Graff Lab must first read and understand all of our rules. Visitors are required to sign the Graff Lab’s sign-in sheet. By signing in you agree to follow ALL of the rules of The Graff Lab. Any person found painting outside the permitted area will be asked to leave the yard and will no longer be able to participate in any of The Grafflab’s programs or activities. They will also be cited for vandalism by the L.A.P.D.


1. The Grafflab is open only on WEEKENDS. It is closed on Holidays.

2. In order to participate you must be 18 years of age with a valid form of ID. All minors must be accompanied by a parent.

3. This property is closed to the public. No entry without permission under L.A.M.C Sec. 41.24 PC 602L.

4. Anybody found painting or marking property outside of the Graff Lab’s official hours will be charged and prosecuted.

5. All aluminum and metal fencings are for bombs.

6. All walls are for pieces only.

7. The large wall along the entrance is only for large crew productions — submit sketch to Grafflab staff for approval.

6. Garage walls are for individual theme pieces — submit sketch for approval.

7. The final pieces completed on Sundays will run until the next weekend.

8. Grafflab’s first art session begins Sat-Sun at 8 am. Last session begins at 3:30 pm. Hours open 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Sat and Sun only.

9. Grafflab is an Alcohol and Drug-free zone.

10. All Corporate logos have to be approved by Grafflab staff. Any corporate logos found on the premises without permission will be buffed.

11. Art depicting pornography, drugs, gang, hate or violence is prohibited and will be buffed.

13. You must respect all Grafflab artists and their artwork.

Artist Agreements

•  Must help promote a clean environment for all Graff Lab guests by using recycle bins, trash cans and cleaning up after yourself.

• Graff Lab is not responsible for any lost or stolen personal items.

• No painting of any kind on patterned floor, basketball court or any structure with any shade of green paint.

• Any artwork left incomplete will be painted over unless you received permission from a Grafflab staff member.

All art on the Grafflab becomes Grafflab property — IMMEDIATELY. Grafflab reserves the right to use such art in any form way,

• All photos taken of Grafflab art is to be used for personal archives only.

The Graff Lab accepts and appreciates all donations. Contributions go to maintaining a clean safe environment for our guests. With your support the Graff Lab will continue to expand our Canvas Art Gallery as well as our numerous other artistic and cultural ventures. A brighter future starts today — from what you did yesterday

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